Women Sustaining The Earth Calendar Pics?

Women from Florida will pose for an Environmental Calendar named Women Sustaining The Earth.
The models for the 2010 "Women Sustaining the Earth" calendar are 44 to 78 years old.
The women posed around the chain of islands to showcase the area's natural beauty. Where are the pictures of the calendar? Is it possible to watch the pics of Women Sustaining The Earth online?

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Ladies belonging to Florida Keys GLEE, which stands for Green Living and Energy Education, disrobed and posed about the islands in their birthday suits to raise funds for a community garden.

The catch: no one under 40 was allowed.

The original 500 calendars have been sold -- raising $8,000 for the ``community garden'' fund of the nonprofit organization Green Living & Energy Education. But organizers are willing to print more if there's a demand.

You can see the pictures of the Women Sustaining The Earth Calendar here:


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women sustaining the earth calendar 2010
From the website keywestcalendargirls.com you can order the new edition of the calendar.

answered by erika biddle | 12-21-2009 at 08:48 PM

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