Taylor Martinez Quits Team: Leaving Nebraska?

After Bo Pelini yelled at Taylor Martinez there have been a wave of rumors that Martinez had quit the team or is planning on leaving Nebraska.
Taylor Martinez just stood there and took it in a way that could be described as indifferent.
The rumor of Martinez quitting Nebraska got so intense that Pelini was forced to address the matter on Sunday night and state that Martinez was still with the team.

Martinez could potentially cripple the program for years if the rumor proves to be true.

But is he really leaving? Did Taylor confirm he is not quitting Nebraska?

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According to both the Omaha World Herald and Taylor Martinez's former high school coach, Matt Logan, Martinez has not quit the Nebraska football team.

The rumors about Taylor Martinez quitting the team started after Martinez missed a mandatory team meeting on Sunday.

Pelini declined to address the issue, however he did talk about Martinez' status. "He's still on the team," he said.
Asked if any issues might jeopardize Martinezís status for the Huskersí regular-season finale, Friday at Memorial Stadium against Colorado, Pelini only reiterated his initial comment.

Martinez was reportedly texting his father while getting his ankle taped up during the Texas A&M game. Martinezís father has become more and more vocal about how his son plays, and even sent an angry email to coach Bob Pelini.

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