Philippines' Super Typhoon Megi Pictures?

The Philippines declared a state of calamity in a northern province after super typhoon Megi hit on Monday. Typhoon Megi is the strongest storm the Philippines has faced for many years.
Are there pictures of the typhoon?

Typhoon Megi is headed out to the South China Sea later, and then may hit into China later this week. At one point, the typhoon was almost as strong as Hurricane Wilma 5 years ago, with very low pressure.

What is the damage report of the Philippines typhoon? Have there been any casualties caused by Megi?

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Typhoon Megi, known in the Philippines as Juan, was 170 kilometers (106 miles) east of Tuguegarao City in northern Luzon, the nation's most populous island, at 7 .a.m. local time, the Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical & Astronomical Services Administration said on its website. The storm had sustained winds of 225 kilometers per hour.

At least one person has been reported killed, and thousands have fled their homes. Emergency services are on alert, and many schools are closed.

Pictures of Typhoon Megi in Philippines.

Super Typhoon Megi

Philippines Super Typhoon Megi

Philippines Super Typhoon pic

Super Typhoon Megi photo

Megi is the strongest storm the country has faced in four years. Thousands of people have been evacuated, schools have been closed and flights have been canceled.

Megi is expected to head out of Luzon towards the South China Sea on Tuesday. It will grow stronger over the warm waters and could reach wind speeds of 210kph by Sunday, when it is expected to hit southern China, a region already plagued by floods.

Thousands of military reserve officers and volunteers were on standby, along with helicopters, including six Chinooks that were committed by US troops holding war exercises with Filipino soldiers near Manila.

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