Wayne Rooney Scandal: Jenny Thompson Photo?

There is a new Wayne Rooney scandal. Apparently Wayne Rooney is facing rumors that he has hooked up with a prostitute, Jenny Thompson, while his wife was pregnant expecting their child.
Who is Jenny Thompson? Is she famous or something, where can I see photos of her?
The Daily Mirror is even saying Wayne Rooney told his wife Coleen to calm down and that the affair was "no big deal".
Did Wayne Rooney really say that to his wife Coleen Rooney? When did he have the affair with Jenny Thompson?

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Jennifer Thompson (she's mostly known as Jenny) is the prostitute at the center of the Wayne Rooney scandal, she has been exoosed as a wannabe WAG who made it her mission to target countless footballers.
Here's a photo of Jenny Thompson.

Jenny Thompson Pic

Wayne Rooney is reportedly 'fighting to save his marriage' after a tabloid newspaper exposed that he had cheated on his wife Coleen.
Coleen Rooney is in 'crisis talks' with her parents as insiders claim that their marriage is unlikely to survive the new revelations.
It is not the first time Rooney has been linked to prostitution. He admitted visiting massage parlours as a teen.
Wayne Rooney has not commented on the allegations, but it has been suggested that he may withdraw from Englandís Euro 2012 qualifier against Switzerland tomorrow.

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Wayne Rooney gave Jenny Thompson at least £1,000 a time in cash for seven secret romps.
It wasn't just one time. All while his wife was pregnant.
Jenny Thompson was working as a promotions girl in the VIP area of J2 nightclub, a favorite place for football players.

answered by Debate | 09-06-2010 at 07:01 PM

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