Silly Bandz Bracelets: Where To Buy Them In Stores?

Where can i buy silly bandz, those animal bracelets?

These bracelets Silly Bandz are what the kids are sporting mostly in elementary schools all over the country. They are fun social pieces that they show off, trade or just give away to friends.
They are really popular at my daughter's school. Where can i buy Silly Bandz Bracelets in stores?

I can't find them anywhere please tell me where to get them.

asked by Dorothy in Parenting & Children | 4724 views | 05-27-2010 at 10:27 PM

Well there is a store that I buy them for It's called Learning Express but I think its only where I live but some people buy them at Walgreens.
In some places Silly Bandz bracelets are called animal bracelets.

Silly Bandz are also sold at hallmark store. They have buckets full off different kinds of Silly Bandz bracelets.
You can also buy them at Wallmart and pharmacies.

Can you believe some public schools banned silly bandz because apparently they were too distracting?

answered by Laura | 05-27-2010 at 10:34 PM

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