Miley Cyrus Quitting Hannah Montana?

Oh my god I can't believe it, is it true that Miley Cyrus is not doing Hanna Montana anymore?
Is she quitting from the show, why? If she quits she probably won't be famous anymore, I mean, Hanna Montana was the biggest Disney show and her big opportunity to be somebody in the entertainment business.
When I heard about it, I just couldn't believe it, is she crazy?

asked by jannice in Cycling | 3158 views | 07-18-2009 at 11:39 PM

Yes, it's true.

It all started when racy photos were released on the Internet. Those images showed her lying across the lap of her then boyfriend. Another picture showed her pulling down her top exposing a green bra. Neither picture fit the mold for an ideal Disney role-model, while some parents and parental groups complained.

Miley Cyrus’ dad Billy Ray has confirmed that the fourth season of hit TV series Hannah Montana will be her last.

Billy said this: “Quite frankly, I give a lot of credit to Miley for taking it to another year. She didn’t want it to just end with whatever was the last episode we did… She wanted there to be an official ending to Hannah Montana.”

The real hurt comes from the Vanity Fair photo-shoot. Although some images were provocative, many fans came to her defense. In one photo she is posed lying across her father’s lap. Another image, taken after her parents left the set, was of her bare-back covered only in a blanket.

Some parents freaked when they saw these pictures. I guess she should've been more careful.

answered by Anne | 07-18-2009 at 11:43 PM

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