iPod Frozen Popsicles [PICS]

As you probably already know brazilian ice-cream company Kibon is doing this wonderful campaign by including the actual prize (an Ipod) inside the popsicle: they manufactured 10,000 specially made propsicles, identical in size and color to the actual thing, frozen with iPod shuffles inside.

The consumer buys an Fruttare popsicle which comes in 10 different fruit flavors and may find an iPod Shuffle inside the package ready to play. The popsicles with prize inside had to be exactly the same as the regular popsicles.
So they made a fake ice cream that looked exactly like the real thing. "We developed a special prototype that emulates the real ice cream, it protects the iPod from humidity and it feels like the real ice cream. It is virtually impossible to fell the difference without opening the package."
And what about the charger and the manual? They solved it by providing a 800 number and a code to the winners.
Pictures from the fake popsicle:

The fake popsicle, which you can only see when you open the external packaging, was approved by Apple in Cupertino to guarantee that the shuffle didn't get damaged.

This is what it says:
Contratulations You won an iPod shuffle from the iPod on a stick Kibon promotion. To ask for your headphones, charging dock and manual with warranty, call 0800 707 1315, give your information and the serial number of your iPod shuffle. It's very important that you save this popsicle to show when you receive the complements. Expires on August 31 2008. Limited edition.


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I wish I lived in Brazil, imagine just buying an ice cream and instantly winning an iPod, that is just great.
This is the kind of marketing more companies should implement.

answered by cohen | 01-11-2008 at 04:32 AM

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