Carrie Milbank Bio?

I want to read more about celebrity Carrie Milbank. What is Carrie Milbank's bio?

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Carrie Milbank's Bio:

California–born Texas–bred Carrie Milbank kicked off her career, literally, by entertaining football fans as a Houston Texans Cheerleader. As a captain of the NFL´s youngest franchise for four years Carrie represented her squad at the NFL Pro Bowl in Hawaii and was voted the team´s MVP two years in a row.

She was discovered by NFL Films in 2003 when she auditioned as a Guest Host on NFL Under The Helmet (FOX). She quickly became a Correspondent for UTH covering Super Bowl XXXVIII in Houston, as well as Co–Host of the NFL Cayman Challenge (NFL Films, NFL Network).

In 2005, Carrie hung up her boots and poms to pursue a full–time career in television. She was hired as Producer, Writer, & Host for Houston-based lifestyle program Hot On! (KPRC–TV, NBC), and in less than a year was promoted to Hot On! D.C. to kickoff the newly expanded show in the Washington Metro area (WUSA–TV, CBS).

Carrie returned to her rah–rah roots in 2006, this time as a Commentator for the NFL Cheerleader Playoffs (NFL Network). It was during this production that she caught wind of an exciting new advancement in the world of sports and entertainment – Sprint Powerview, the first made–for–mobile international television network.

Carrie was recruited to the Big Apple, and became the first Entertainment News Anchor and Gossip Co-Host for Sprint Powerview. She covered red carpet events coast to coast, from Super Bowl XLI in Miami to the World Premiere of Pirates Of The Caribbean: At World's End in L.A. Carrie also filled in as a Sports Anchor/Reporter, covering the 2006 U.S. Open with Jim Courier where she interviewed Roger Federer after his 3-peat win.

In 2008, Carrie was named the fresh young face of and she's been rocking that furious frozen world ever since. From starring in TV commercials, to talking hockey (and the meaning of life) with players & coaches, to covering Red Carpets and LIVE TV events, Carrie is proof that anyone can get swept off their feet by Lord Stanley's favorite sport.

Carrie kicked off the '08-'09 NHL season as Host of the NHL "Face-Off Rocks" concert in Detroit featuring Def Leppard and Alanis Morissette LIVE on Versus (and CBC in Canada). As the hip new face of, Carrie Hosts "The Hockey Show" as well as "Best Of The Hockey Show" on NHL Network. Keep an eye out for TV commercials starring Carrie with Eddie Olczyk, Barry Melrose, and Henry & Linda Staal.

As if her addiction to hockey wasn't enough, Carrie is also currently the Host of "Tennis Week" (, and the award-winning's "Who Looked Hot." You might even catch her as a Sports & Entertainment Contributor for "America's Nightly Scoreboard" on FOX Business Network (FBN) or dishing the latest car news for "Fast Lane Daily" (

Carrie graduated Cum Laude from The University of West Florida with a BA in Communications.

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