X-Rays Of A Pencil Stuck In A Boy's Brain Cavity

Doctors in Los Angeles were surprised to find a large pencil fragment stuck in the brain cavity of a 15-year-old boy when they took an X-ray of his head.
All doctors could see from a physical examination was a tiny cut above the boy's eyebrow.
The boy, who had been assaulted with the pencil, couldn't open his eye or perceive light.
The X-ray revealed the pencil fragment had gone through his eye socket and into his brain cavity.
Doctors performed surgery to remove the pencil. However, the boy's vision did not improve.
Researchers said the incident reiterates the need for comprehensive testing. Even though you many not see any damage on the outside, there still may be a need for surgery, researchers said.
The picture was taken at Doheny Eye Institute in Los Angeles and the case has been published in the New England Journal Of Medicine.


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