Brooklyn Teachers Fired?

A janitor at James Madison High School in the Midwood section of Brooklyn tattled to school administrators that he walked into an empty classroom to find the Brooklyn teachers "undressed" with each other.
Were the teachers fired? After this I don't see much future for the teacher's career in that Brooklyn school. I think they should be fired.
They'll have some issues getting a new job after this.

asked by Claude in High school | 4931 views | 12-09-2009 at 07:46 PM

Both teachers from Brooklyn were sent to "rubber rooms" -- reassignment centers where under-suspicion Dept. of Education employees are sent to await their fates -- while they're being investigated for misconduct, according to the DOE.
The teachers were suspended pending an investigation by the school into the alleged misconduct.
They're not fired yet but close. No way the school is letting them teach again.

answered by Alec | 12-09-2009 at 07:47 PM

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