Flight Delays Today?

Los Angeles International Airport is warning passengers that there may be significant delays in flights because of an FAA computer glitch.
I have to go to Boston today and have no idea of how much time it will take for everything to get back to normal.
LAX officials say there could be problems beginning at noon as planes heading to Los Angeles are delayed and those heading out are kept back.
What is a FAA computer glitch and will it get fixed quickly?

asked by Jacob in Aircraft | 2809 views | 11-19-2009 at 05:45 PM

The Federal Aviation Administration said a five-hour long network failure has been resolved, though its impact to flights is expected to be felt across the region with delays and cancellations.

A "ripple effect" is expected to impact the region's flights throughout the day. Airports in the Northeast were heavily impacted, with Washington Dulles, Ronald Reagan National, Newark International, and New York's JFK, reporting significant delays.

Flight plans typically consist of hundreds of alpha-numeric characters, giving the flight number, type of equipment, takeoff location and various intermediate points, with altitudes. On Thursday airlines were faxing flight plans to controllers, who were typing that data on keyboards, not quite hunt-and-peck but not nearly as fast as a computer would transfer the information.

When the system failed, it took another with it, the one that sorts through “notices to airmen,” or F.A.A. alerts about short-lived problems, like equipment failures or runway closings, and delivers them to pilots.

I hope they fix this fast.

answered by Ethan | 11-19-2009 at 05:47 PM

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