Berns Triplets Fire?

Berns Triplets are three sisters Trae, Jordan, and Chandra, 20 years ago when they were just 17 months old, and were sleeping in their crib their house in North Richland Hills, Texas caught fire dated 21st September, 1988, the fire not only destroyed their home but it also became the reason of their mothers death and it didn’t stop her Berns Triplets Trae, Jordan and Chandra received second and third degree burns on their face, arms and cheat. Berns Triplets mother died two and a half days after being hospitalized due to smoke inhalation.
Their faces were ruined when they were babies and now they look ok, what happened to them?

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The Berns Triplets had a pioneering laser treatment that had begun to erase scars that they had carried for 20 years due to the fire.

“Over the past few months, it’s pretty much a gradual improvement,” Chandra said. “Our skin has gotten smoother. Our scars have gotten a lot smoother.”

The little girls spent a long time in the hospital before being released to an extensive series of painful surgeries and skin grafts. Despite their burns and the compressing bandages they had to wear, their childhood was remarkably normal.

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