Anne Hathaway Wardrobe Malfunction Pics?

I read that Anne Hathaway had a wardrobe malfunction and there are a lot of pics of her but I don't know what happened. I think she is a very good actress and I'm really sad that she had a problem like this. A wardrobe malfunction happens every time but I thought Anne Hathaway will be more careful about it. My friends told me that there are a lot of pics on the internet and that she is really ashamed about this incident, but there is nothing she can do. Everyone is talking about that and I feel really bad for her, she is so sweet. Do you know what happen with Anne Hathaway wardrobe malfunction pics?

asked by Nina in Internet | 4100 views | 12-13-2012 at 12:56 PM

Anne Hathaway had a huge wardrobe malfunction and now there are pics everywhere. This happened when she was in Les Miserables premiere in New York City and she skipped wearing underwear on the red carpet. Anne was in her car and when the door opened her black dress rode up and all the waiting photographers didn't lose the opportunity to take those pics.
When Hathaway realized what happened she was really ashamed and now that the pics have been published Anne feels humiliated knowing the world has seen everything. A source close to the actress said that she is horrified about this whole situation but to the premiere she had to go without it because the wearing of underwear would have affected the wear of the dress.
We are all really ashamed about the wardrobe malfunction Anne Hathaway had and now the pics are everywhere so there is nothing she can do to stop this. This is not the first time a wardrobe malfunction happens in the red carpet, but I'm sure next time she will think more about how to avoid this embarrassing moment.

answered by Phoebe | 12-13-2012 at 12:58 PM

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