Easy Christmas Crafts For Children Ideas?

I like to do easy crafts with children near Christmas but this year I'm out of ideas. I have 4 kids and I invite friends of them and we do different things like decorations for the house, ornaments for Christmas trees and some cards for our family and friends. I'm looking this year for some crafts easy for children, because I have some magazines but the Christmas ornaments are not so good. I have kids of different ages, but some are really small and others can do more difficult things so I would like easy crafts for all of them and depending in the age I can change them a little. My children love doing this so I don't want to stop it. I hope to find more!!Thanks!!

asked by Anne in Holidays | 1961 views | 12-07-2012 at 05:57 PM

You will find a lot of different easy Christmas crafts to do with children, some are popular and others are very original, but like always it depends in you and your imagination. I'm a teacher and before winter holidays I love to do crafts with my children and I search for easy ones because they are to small to do hard things. I will give you some ideas but of course you can change them, mixing the different ideas or doing them in a different way. I really like to make crafts for Christmas trees like coloring balls, making a Christmas frame and put pictures, or with paper make different shapes like bells, Santa, deers or snowballs and then coloring them.
The cards you can do them with buttons, fabric and all the things you have in your house that you don't use. Last year with my children we send the cards by the post office. It was really nice and they really liked it because this is something unusual these days.
For more decoration you can print different images and they have to paint them, cut a red paper with a sock shape and they decorate it with buttons, papers, fabric, glitter, etc. Also you can make Christmas paper placemats, a glass painted candle holder, a wreath made of color paper or using different tipes of noodels, make your own snow globes in glass jars that you can have in your house, or you can cook easy cookies or cakes with your children.
Also, if you want to do more easy crafts for example for your gests, in white napkins the kids draw something about Christmas and they can put the name of every person that will be in the house on Christmas eve, so everyone knows where to sit, or make napkins rings with the carton of the toilet paper.
I hope you can find a lot of more ideas because there is nothing better than spend time with your children making Christmas crafts.

answered by Caroline | 12-07-2012 at 06:02 PM

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