Fire Island Pines Fire Pictures?

There was a big fire which gutted a significant portion of the Fire Island Pines gay resort district early Tuesday.
What is the damage toll? I also heard other houses and properties were affected by the Fire Island Pines fire.
On Tuesday morning, the fire was still exhaling ghostly trails of gray smoke into the dank sky above Great South Bay.

Are there pictures that show the damage caused by the Fire Island Pines fire?

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Fires burned uncontrolled for hours in the Fire Island Pines commercial district in New York on Monday night.
Several homes were also affected by the fire, fueled by burning embers from the initial blaze in the Fire Island Pines, that was really unfortunate.
Authorities said burning embers from the Fire Island Pines community south of Long Island, N.Y. spread, and some areas were still burning by the middle of Tuesday afternoon.
Several buildings in the were either heavily damaged or destroyed.

Here are some pictures of the Fire Island Pines fire.

Fire Island Pines Fire

Fire Island Pines Fire Photo

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