Is Singer Adele Married?

Is singer Adele married or is she single? I'm asking this question because I've seen her wear a ring on her left hand.

Adele is such a talented singer and I love all her songs, I think she is the real deal, not a prefabricated artist like many in the music industry these days.
The fact that she is so young makes me think she is not married but then her finger maybe means she has a husband.
If she is married, her husband is a very lucky guy.

asked by Sean in Music | 5208 views | 08-28-2011 at 02:45 AM

Adele is not married, she had a boyfriend but they broke up recently.
Adele's most recent album, is mainly about her relationship with her boyfriend.
She felt devastated when she discovered her ex was getting married with another woman and that inspired her to write a song.
Adele recently joked about signing up for an online dating site as a single.

answered by Lonnie | 08-28-2011 at 02:46 AM

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