Elizabeth Edwards Health News: Breast Cancer?

Elizabeth Edwards' health is complicated. She has breast cancer and is gravely ill right now, doctors have told her she is going to die soon, according to a family friend who is with Edwards at her North Carolina home.
Edwards' estranged husband, former presidential candidate John Edwards, and their three children were at her side at the Chapel Hill home.

Elizabeth posted a Facebook message telling everyone that her death is near.

What are Elizabeth Edwards' latest health news? How many days does Elizabeth Edwards have left to live?

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Elizabeth Edwards is said to have only a few weeks to live. That's according to a family friend. A family statement says doctors have advised Edwards that further treatment of her cancer would be unproductive.

Elizabeth Edwards is John Edwards' wife and is now resting at home with her family after being hospitalized briefly last week. Doctors as saying that the breast cancer first diagnosed in 2004 "had metastasized to the liver."

Edwards was diagnosed with breast cancer shortly before the presidential election in which her husband was the Democratic vice presidential nominee. The couple later became separated following revelations that John Edwards had engaged in an affair with a campaign videographer.

When she was initially diagnosed, Edwards' breast cancer was treated with a combination of chemotherapy, surgery, and radiation, to which she seemed to respond well. But then her health got worse.

Elizabeth Edwards has four children: an adult daughter, Cate; a son, Wade, who died as a teenager; and two younger kids, Jack, 10, and Emma Claire, 12.

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