Chilean Miner Costume Picture?

This Halloween I want to be one of the Chilean miners who were trapped underground for months.
I have no idea how to make the costume since I don't remember what the Chilean miners were wearing when they were rescued.
I suppose I should be dressed as a regular miner with the Chilean flag, but I'm not sure if the costume will be that obvious, maybe people will have no idea what costume I'm wearing.

So far I have sunglasses a jumpsuit and a hard hat.

How can I make a cool Chilean miner costume for Halloween? Is there a picture of the miners I can see so I can get inspired?

asked by Alan in Holidays | 3024 views | 10-31-2010 at 01:42 AM

The key to differentiating a Chilean miner from a regular miner has to be sunglasses and a mustache...if you want to make it blatantly obvious beyond that, write something about Chile on your miner's helmet.

Add some make up for a dirt-covered effect and some sunglasses.

Here's a picture of a Chilean miner.

I kind of think the idea of the Chilean miner costume is both horrible and hilarious. Horrible because it was a tragic event that happened, but hilarious because the ordeal is over and everything is okay, and it is a current news topic.

Chilean Miner Costume

answered by Fred | 10-31-2010 at 01:43 AM

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