Hungary Toxic Sludge Deaths?

Red sludge from an aluminium plant has devastated several towns in western Hungary. There are hundreds with chemical burns and irritations.
The red sludge is a by-product of aluminium production, in which bauxite is refined into the metal.

Rivers and lakes in 12 European countries are in danger of being contaminated by the toxic sludge.
Have there been any deaths caused by the Hungary toxic sludge? How are they going to clean the spill?

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There have been 4 deaths, six have gone missing and 113 were injured in Hungary.

Emergency workers have poured 1,000 tonnes of plaster into the Marcal river to try to bind the sludge that burst from a waste reservoir and keep it from flowing on to the Danube, 45 miles away.

Here's a picture of Hungary's toxic sludge.

Hungary Toxic Sludge

The torrent of sludge has poured into fields and nearby streams, killing animals and fish in the region. According to The New York Times, "residents in Kolontar, not far from where the accident occurred, tried to rush from their homes as a 6-foot-high wave of sludge pushed its way through narrow streets and homes."

The injured were treated at hospitals for burns and eye irritation. Ambulance, armed forces and other authorities are present at significant numbers to rescue, detoxicate the area and secure safe transport.

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