Abbey Lincoln Death?

American jazz songstress and civil rights activist Abbey Lincoln died on Saturday at the age of 80.
Abbey Lincoln was the legendary jazz singer who believed in singing as a political act. She was an actress, artist and composer, and her music ranged from avant-garde civil rights era recordings to the more introspective recordings of her later years.
What was Abbey Lincoln's cause of death?

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Abbey Lincoln died Saturday in a nursing home in New York, said Evelyn Mason, her niece. No cause was given, but she had been in failing health.

Abbey Lincoln grew up on a farm in Michigan (as Anna Marie Wooldridge), and the talent she cultivated led her to work as a pop singer and actress in Los Angeles in the mid-1950s. Eventually, she also met jazz musicians, who led her to chart a new artistic direction for her singing.
Lincoln had taken several film roles in the preceding decade, and had never stopped singing.

Ms. Lincoln spent more than a month in a psychiatric hospital after her divorce from Roach in 1970 and never remarried.

Abbey Lincoln was particularly critical of Michael Jackson and his physical transformation: "He's brilliant; he can sing and dance in the tradition of his African ancestors, but he curses them by erasing them from his face and hair."

Abbey Lincoln is survived by brothers David and Kenneth Wooldridge and a sister, Juanita Baker.

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memorial website
A memorial website was created for Abbey Lincoln. Honor her memory by contributing to her memorial site

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