Aerosmith Joe Perry Car Accident?

Joe Perry, the guitarist of Aerosmith, was driving his motorcycle and he was hit by a car, apparently driven by a woman (no surprised there.)
How is Joe Perry now after the accident? What happened to him?
He was taken to the hospital and I heard he hurt his back pretty badly. I hope he is alright, he is 59 and at that age you're a bit fragile.

asked by Trenton in Music | 2672 views | 07-16-2010 at 08:46 PM

Joe Perry is fine right now.

Joe was riding his Ducati Monster motorcycle on Route 44 near his Duxbury, MA, home when the accident happened, he was rear-ended by a 62-year-old woman in a Chevy Malibu. The car's driver reportedly was charged with following too closely.
Joe Perry was admitted to Morton Hospital and Medical Center for treatment, but was quickly discharged with only minor injuries. The band's publicist, Liz Rosenberg, told the Boston Globe, "Joe is home and he's fine. All's well and we're all grateful."

The accident is not expected to affect any of Aerosmith's scheduled concert dates.

answered by Miranda | 07-16-2010 at 08:47 PM

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