AIM Buddy List Deleted, It's Gone?

My AIM Buddy List is gone?
I just logged in to my AIM account and presto my buddy list is gone its showing nothing else other than (offline 0/0)
I had hundreds of buddies, and some have been around for 10 years! What happened? It's deleted now.
Group names are gone too. I down want them to disappear forever.

Is anyone else having this issue? I have tried opening it on both my Blackberry and from iChat.
How do I recover my AIM Buddy List? Why did it get deleted?

Could someone please help i had a good amount buddies and i really want to be able to talk to them again.

asked by Brayden in Internet | 3182 views | 06-18-2010 at 05:15 AM

Its not just you.. Lots of people are having this problem.
My buddy list is gone. I didn't delete anything by myself.
They're probably updating some of the servers or something. Hopefully they'll be restored sooner or later.
It also will not let me add any buddies to my empty buddy list so if I wanted to talk to anyone who was on my buddy list before, I would have to find their screen name, create a new IM, and type their screen name into the box every time.

Since the new version of AIM has enough new features to require an update to continue using it (I think Facebook Connect is the big change), I'm guessing a careless person has disconnected, disabled, or wiped the server that hosts the buddy lists.

I hope we can recover our buddy list intact once they figure out what the problem is.

answered by Aaron | 06-18-2010 at 05:18 AM

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