Xbox Kinect Price & Release Date?

Today Microsoft unveiled the new gaming console Xbox Kinect.
It is the same device that was previously called "project natal."
Now the name has been changed to Kinect and it looks a really cool accessory. Did the company say anything about the new Xbox Kinect price?
What about the release date? I heard it the Xbox Kinect is going to be released at the end of the year but when exactly?

asked by Kevin in Xbox | 4916 views | 06-14-2010 at 06:38 PM

So much for the mysterious "Project Natal" code name. It's given way to Kinect, the official name for the new motion tracking controller and camera system coming to the Xbox.
Although an exact release date for Kinect has yet to be announced, some retailers have already published web pages in anticipation. The release date is in November.

Kinect is a combination of kinetic and connect, representing the controller's dual purpose - giving the console motion control plus new communication capabilities such as video chatting and sharing in-game photos captured with the device.

If you haven't seen Kinect in action, imagine the Nintendo Wii sans remote. Kinect consists of two cameras that capture the movements of the player. Much like human eyes, the twin cameras allow for depth perception, so Kinect can pick up on a wide range of motion without the aid of a video-game controller. This lets gamers shake their hands, feet, or booties and watch their character do the same.

There is no info about the price of the Xbox Kinect yet.

Kinect will have some interesting games. These range from jumping and flying games to a yoga simulator and Star Wars shooter, in which players control a virtual light sabre and use hand gestures to control action on the screen.

Let's hope Kinect has strong titles to seal the deal.

answered by Shane | 06-14-2010 at 06:49 PM

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