Dell Streak Release Date And Price?

There is a new Dell tablet that will compete with the iPad named Streak.

After a press conference announcing the Dell Streak at CES in January, followed by months of leaked details, there is still not a confirmed release date and price for the device.

I heard the release date will be different for the United Stated and the UK. What is the release date for the US? Any idea on the cost of the Dell Streak? Has Dell said anything about the price of the Streak?

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Release date: Early this June the Dell Streak will be available across the UK at O2 stores,, The Carphone Warehouse, and later in the month at Pricing and data plans for the UK will be announced by O2 ahead of availability. Later this summer, Dell plans to make the Dell Streak available in the U.S.

Dell has not revealed pricing. I believe the price will be similar to the iPad.

Dell today released plans for the Dell Streak, a 5-inch Android Tablet aiming to provide people the best "on-the-go" entertainment, social connection and navigation experience. The Dell Streak is described as a compact and powerful companion for people who want to expand their ability to access their lives on the go, and realize tomorrow's technology today.

The tablet, which unlike the iPad can actually make phone calls (if you’re willing to hold such a monster up to your ear), has a 5MP camera (with LED “flash”), a 5-inch WVGA touch screen, GPS along with 3G, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi and ships with a 16GB microSD card. Despite the imminent launch, O2 has still not set a price.

The world's number three computer manufacturer says that its Streak - also known as the Mini 5 - is the first of a number of planned products.

answered by Quarter | 05-25-2010 at 05:48 PM

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