Google Pacman Game Layout?

Today May 21, 2010 I went into and instead of the regular google logo, there's a PACMAN Game layout.
The words google are still there and at first I thought the Pacman Game was an image they placed to replace the normal logo.
But it turns out the google Pacman Logo is actually a working game with sound that you can play.
I played for a bit and quit, why did they do this today? Why a Pacman game?

What happens when you win this pacman game?

asked by Bren in Internet | 3358 views | 05-21-2010 at 03:15 PM

The google pacman game surprised me too.

Saturday is the 30th anniversary of the release of Pac-Man, and to commemorate the occasion, Google is rolling out its first-ever truly interactive and playable home page logo, a fully-functional version of the iconic 1980s video game.

For years, Google has produced doodles for all kinds of holidays and special occasions, from Valentine's Day to the Fourth of July to Mother's Day and many others. In each case, the Google Doodle team works on a special logo that appears on the search engine's home page.

This time is pacman's turn.

Just how much productivity will be lost by employers whose workers will get waylaid by the new distraction on its homepage while doing a search? Wendy Rozeluk, a Google Canada spokesperson laughed and responded: I have no idea.

This is the first time Google replaces its logo with a fully working video game.

According to Google, the Pac-Man logo will have a total of 256 levels. Users can click the "Insert Coin" button to get the game going. (See it in action in the video below.) Pac-Man will be up on Google for a total of 48 hours--from 8AM PT on Friday through Sunday morning.

The programmer behind the Pac-Man Doodle was the son of a game and pinball technician and used to accompany his father to arcade parlors and help him tinker with the games.

answered by Andrew | 05-21-2010 at 03:20 PM

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