American Idol: Lee Dewyze Simple Man Video?

Did you watch Lee Dewyze's performance of Simple Man in American Idol last night? I'm looking for the video.

Lee DeWyze made a big splash with his rendition of "Hallelujah," and the video of the performance is in big demand.

During the "singer's choice" portion of the show, Lee DeWyze was more at ease on stage and seemed to enjoy singing Simple Man. It was a great performance and I think he was definitely the hands down best in both of his song performances on this episode.

Is there a youtube video of Lee Dewyze singing Simple Man?

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For his contestant choice on the semi-finals, singer Lee DeWyze chose "Simple Man" by Lynard Skynard. After that, he closed the show Tuesday night with Simon Cowell's judges' choice of "Hallejulah."
Lee DeWyze picked Simple Man saying "Every lyric in it really speaks true to me, I always want to pick something I can relate to. When you can understand something, you can perform it better."

This is the video of Lee Dewyze singing Simple Man.

You can see in the video he is possibly the next American Idol winner.

Lee Dewyze’s “Simple Man” inspires some serious swaying in the front, and way in the back, his vocal sounds strong and clear. Ending the song with a smile and props for the band, Lee Dewyze nods in agreement when Randy declares that he’s in it to win it. Ellen’s comparison to a “little baby lamb” brightens the mood even more as does Kara’s comment that round 1 goes to Lee, but for Simon’s turn, Lee stands with clenched fist. Fortunately, it’s good news as the panel’s most important judge describes the choice as “absolutely on the money” and a performance that “crushed” the other two.

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