Mothers Day Gifts For Kids To Make?

I was just thinking how Mother's Day is fast approaching and I have yet to come up with any ideas for gifts.
I would probably buy my mother something nice but I want my kids to make something special for my wife on mothers' day.
What are some ideas of gifts for kids to make in mothers' day?

asked by Derrick in Holidays | 3049 views | 05-08-2010 at 08:35 PM

These are my ideas of gifts for kids to make in mothers' day.

Roses would be a really nice idea and your kids can make them if you have roses on your yard.
Other ideas are to cook something for mom with your kids like chocolate covered strawberries, sweet and sophisticated.

The key here is to show her that you listen to her and appreciate her, more than buying something expensive.

Moms enjoy being moms, of course, but will love to know that you took the time to find out about her past and the girl she left behind as she became a mom. So maybe dig up with your kids old pictures from her childhood and make a collage or the places she went to and the things she did before and after being a mom.

Instead of a store bought card, write up five special things she does for your every week that you like, or three best memories with her for the last year. For older kids, this can very well be a letter. For younger kids, this can be something they can talk through and dads can write up.

answered by Salma | 05-08-2010 at 08:41 PM

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