Susie Krabacher Haiti?

Susie Krabacher is a former Playboy model who founded The Mercy and Sharing Foundation. Krabacher and husband Joe co-founded the Foundation in 1994 to provide aid to abandoned and mistreated children in Haiti.
Susie Krabacher was Playmate of the month in May 1983.
I heard Susie is actively helping in Haiti with her organization. What is she doing for Haiti right now?

asked by Aaron in Celebrity | 2545 views | 01-20-2010 at 02:35 PM

Susie Krabacher is doing a lot for Haiti and not just now because of the earthquake, she's been working to help haiti people in the last years.

Susie Krabacher is now preparing a concert, “Haiti Children Benefit Concert” on Feb. 11, and they're looking for sponsors, donors, silent auction items and volunteers.

Organizers of the event had lined up musicians John Oates, Bobby Mason, Jimmy Ibbotson, the Crowlin Ferlies, The Derek Brown Band, Melissa and Kelly Gabossi, the Defiance String Band and others to play the benefit concert. Joe Krabacher will also appear.

You can visit Susie Krabacher's website if you want to help the people in Haiti.

answered by Hayden | 01-20-2010 at 02:38 PM

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