Can HPV Be Transmitted Orally?

I've had three sexual partners in my lifetime. I went to my first-ever gyn exam a couple of weeks ago, and was told yesterday that I am HPV-positive and my pap test showed abnormal results. Is it possible that cervical HPV is transmitted through oral sex?

asked by Lauren in Diseases & Conditions | 4017 views | 08-01-2009 at 06:41 PM

Though the human papilloma virus (HPV), a sexually transmitted disease with over 30 different strains, is recognized as the major cause of cervical cancer, many people are unaware that HPV can also cause oral cancer. According to Dr Helaine Smith, one of Bostonís best cosmetic dentists, you donít have to have intercourse to transmit HPV; even oral sex puts you at risk for contracting the disease and raises your risk of developing cancers of the mouth and throat.

answered by Sans | 08-01-2009 at 06:42 PM

There is no definite conclusion that hpv is transmitted orally. Some docs say it is, some say it can't because the mouth is a very hostile environment for the hpv. Others have said it is possible, though very rare chance, if the person who has just gone down on someone who has visible signs and immediately performs oral on someone else. The main transmission is skin to skin (yes, even via the hand that just touched the wart) and can be transmitted even if there are no outward signs or symptoms.

answered by Emma | 08-01-2009 at 06:43 PM

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