Robert B. Parker Death?

Robert B. Parker, the guy who wrote the Spencer books and one of America's preeminent crime writers, has died today.
Beginning with "The Gudwulf Manuscript" in 1973 and running through 2009's "The Professional," the Spencer series included almost 40 books. All great books.
Reading about Robert death's details the LA Times says Robert B. Parker was found dead sitting at his desk in his Cambridge, Mass. home. I wonder what the cause of his death was. Anyway, a big loss today.

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The AP reports that local police believe Robert B. Parker's death was from natural causes. That would seem to be a perfect ending to his story.
Iím shocked and upset, but strangely heartened to know that he died in the saddle. I have been loving his books for more than half my life.
Robert B. Parker wrote short, vivid, sentences about a tough guy with a soft heart. Journalist Sarah Weinman broke the news on her blog,

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