Barbara Walters Valve Heart Surgery?

Barbara Walters, the 80-year-old creator of "The View," announced on the show today that she'll be taking time off starting "later this week" for surgery to replace a heart valve.

Barbara Walters has known of her condition for months, and agreed with her doctors that with the summer coming up and the show’s August hiatus, this was the best time for her to have the valve heart surgery.

Is it a dangerous procedure?
Could Barbara Walters die when she gets the valve surgery on her heart?

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Barbara Walters said an echocardiogram showed that her valves were "getting tighter and smaller." It can take one month to three months to recover from the surgery.
The problem with Barbara Walters is that she is 80 years old and this type of valve surgery on her heart could be dangerous.

ABC News president David Westin said in statement, "There's no denying that this is serious surgery. But it's also a type of surgery that has been done often and successfully. And, as those of us who work with Barbara know, she's in excellent condition. So, we have every reason to expect a great result and a speedy recovery."

Walters said she anticipates recovery will take at least a month but she expects "to be calling in from time to time."

At a time others would be slowing down, she created "The View" in 1997, and the daily talk show with a woman's round-table is a staple on daytime TV.

She said her condition would be a surprise to many friends. "But I thought it best not to talk about it too far in advance."

Walters said she had not felt any symptoms from the narrowing of the heart valve, which can worsen and restrict the flow of blood to the heart.

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