Robert B. Parker Spenser Series in Order?

I've read most of the "Jesse Stone" books from Robert B. Parker and want to try something else by Parker, maybe the "Spencer" novel.
What order were Robert Parker's Spencer novels written in? Also what are some of the best "Spencer" books I could choose?

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Love the Spencer series. A Catskill Eagle is by far the best one overall.
Robert B. Parker's Spenser Novels were released in the following order:

1. The Godwulf Manuscript

2. God Save the Child

3. Mortal Stakes

4. Promised Land

5. The Judas Goat

6. Looking for Rachel Wallace

7. Early Autumn (his BEST)

8. A Savage Place

9. Ceremony

10. The Widening Gyre

11. Valediction

12. A Catskill Eagle

13. Taming a Sea Horse

14. Pale Kings and Princes

15. Crimson Joy

16. Playmates

17. Stardust

18. Pastime

19. Double Deuce

20. Paper Doll

21. Walking Shadow

22. Thin Air

23. Chance

24. Small Vices

25. Sudden Mischief

26. Hush Money

27. Hugger Mugger

28. Pot Shot

29. Widow's Walk

30. Back Story

31. Bad Business

32. Cold Service

33. School Days

34. Hundred Dollar Baby

35. Now and Then

36. Rough Weather

37. The Professional

Robert B. Parker is an American crime writer. His most famous works are the Spenser series, which was dramatized as a television series, Spenser: For Hire, on the ABC network during the late 1980s.

answered by Samantha | 01-19-2010 at 04:17 PM

Robert B. Parker is a great writer and the Spenser Series are my favorites.
I still haven't read one of the books, looking forward to read it.

answered by Guest | 08-29-2011 at 06:28 PM

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