Garrett Uekman Cause of Death?

Arkansas Razorbacks' Garrett Uekman was last seen playing video games by a flatmate this morning. But then he died and I would like to know what was his cause of death.
Garrett Uekman hadn't received much publicity this season and hadn't recorded any stats as a backup tight end.
He was doing fine and enjoyed good health, what was his cause of death?
Garrett Uekman played in nine games for Arkansas this season. He played on Saturday against Mississippi State in his hometown of Little Rock.
Does anyone know what might have caused his death?

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The cause of death wasn't known. Garrett Uekman was found unconscious and unresponsive in his dorm room. When emergency-services personnel arrived, he was in cardiac arrest.
University police Lt. Mat Mills said there were no suspicious circumstances about Uekman’s death.
Garrett Uekman's parents Danny and Michelle were proud of their son and are no doubt coping with one of the most painful experiences life can throw at you.
His death was probably caused by heart problems.
Many of the people who knew Garrett Uekman said he was a sincere and humble guy who loved football and enjoyed life to its fullest.

answered by Marley | 11-21-2011 at 05:54 PM

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