Is The Hills Scripted (Fake) Or Real?

Now that The Hills is over I have a question.

Is the show The Hills real or scripted (fake)? Is it really staged as some say?
The Hills is a popular MTV show that follows former Laguna Beach star, Lauren Conrad, as she moves to Los Angeles.
I just started watching it from Season 1 and it seems like everyone is "coincidentally" at the same places at the same time all the time. That makes it look fake.

i know some of the events that happen on The Hills are real but are there conversations and other stuff real or is it scripted?

Sometimes I think the show can be completely real. But my sister says it is all fake.

asked by Giovanni in Television | 4135 views | 07-14-2010 at 07:05 PM

Kristin Cavallari has revealed the show is scripted. Saying she pretends to be a b**** on the show for better ratings, and those “people” are not her real friends and she would never hang out with them in “real life”.
Lauren Conrad also said The Hills is fake. Well not fake, but more like scripted and staged.

And the finale was proof that The Hills is not real.
During the show's series finale, Kristen Cavallari said her final goodbye to Brody Jenner, as the cameras slowly panned out to show all the cameras, mics and crew it takes to shoot one scene of the MTV reality show.

The Hills is part of a phenomenon called "metascripting," wherein various participants react spontaneously within a written outline with certain objectives and goals, in their case, I'd imagine approximating their real lives.

answered by Meta | 07-14-2010 at 07:12 PM

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