Are Insects Animals?

Today in school we debated with my classmates whether insects are animals or not. Some people said they're not animals but they're definitely not plants so I think they are.
What does science say about this, are insects animals?

asked by Josh in Dogs | 25772 views | 07-25-2009 at 09:55 PM

Yes they are animals. All insects are under the Kingdom Animalia.
Insects are a class under the Phylum Arthropoda.

Animals are a major group of multicellular, eukaryotic organisms of the kingdom Animalia or Metazoa.

answered by Floo | 07-25-2009 at 09:57 PM

Contrary to what many people would say, insects are animals. Anything belonging to the animal kingdom is an animal. Which means any living thing other than plants, fungi, bacteria and protozoans.

Insects are part of the Animal Group along with amphibians, birds, fish, mammals and reptiles.
They comprise 75% of all animal species that scientists have named and described, and most of these insects have wings. The key to insect success is their ability to survive on land and take to the air.

answered by Pamela | 07-25-2009 at 09:59 PM

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