Is Jennifer Lawrence Naturally Blonde Or Brunette?

Jennifer Lawrence is beautiful with blonde hair, but I think that maybe she is naturally brunette. I saw some pictures where she is blonde and I think she looks better than brunette, but in The Hunger Games she has brown hair so I don't know how is she naturally. Maybe Jennifer Lawrence dyed her hair, but I hope not, because it looks so healthy. I'm not going to lie, she looks pretty anyways, but I'm intrigued about the real hair. Is Jennifer Lawrence naturally blonde or brunette?

asked by Jaelynn in Internet | 4938 views | 01-21-2013 at 02:58 PM

Jennifer Lawrence is naturally blonde but she dyed her hair to be brunette for The Hunger Games. She didn't want to ruin it so she refused to let stylists experiment on her naturally blonde hair to find the perfect color for the heroine in the movie. They rented five $6,000 wigs in different shades of brown. When they choose the best one, Jennifer Lawrence dyed her color, so now she is brunette. They rented $30,000 of hair, and although some people said that semi-permanent dyes are not so bad for your hair, you also have consequences, so I understand why she didn't want to ruin her hair.
Jennifer Lawrence said that a lot of people were mad because she was naturally blonde and the character was brunette but she tried to explain to them that you can dye your hair so it's not a big deal.

answered by Nataly | 01-21-2013 at 03:00 PM

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