Who Won The Election 2010 By State?

Where can I find who won the election 2010 by state? I want to see all the results and winners.
By now the final counts should be over so all results must be available.
So far I know Rick Scott won and is the governor of Florida.
I know that several voters have reported problems and irregularities in several states while voting. What's up with that?

asked by Ernest in Politics | 2053 views | 11-03-2010 at 06:14 PM

Well most of the results are ready. Basically the Tea Partyís coming to town, Republicans seized control of the House, and Democrats are still in charge of the White House and Senate.

Obama said the election results, which shifted power to the Republicans in the House and left Democrats barely clinging to their majority in the Senate, confirmed what he had heard during his campaign push that took him across the country.
President Obama said he and the Democrats have spent the last two years securing the economic recovery but many people were yet to feel the benefits.

The Obama White House will shift into re-election mode in a few months, and the 2012 presidential campaign headquarters will be Chicago again, if all goes as planned.

Voters under 30, who overwhelmingly voted for President Obama two years ago, not only showed up in much lower numbers on Tuesday, but were also less willing than in the last election to strongly support Democrats.

There have been some irregularities. More than 20,000 calls involving problems with people trying to vote have been received by Election Protection, which is the nationís largest nonpartisan voter protection coalition.

answered by Joseph | 11-03-2010 at 06:15 PM

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