Dallas Snowfall Today?

Dallas Texas hasnít seen a winter this white in 32 years. I've lived here since I was a little kid and this is the first time I see a snowfall like the one today.
Today's snowfall was a record. The snow arrived early today and fell unceasingly, in furious flurries and tiny pellets and big, fat flakes, well if this just doesn't prove global warming, nothing will.
How much snow did we get on Dallas today? What are the official numbers?

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More than half-a million students in north Texas are off today due to winter conditions that left a record layer of snow in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

By 9 p.m. Thursday, a record 9.4 inches of snow had fallen at Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport, smashing the area’s previous record for one calendar day of 7.8 inches, set in 1917 and matched in 1964.

Trucks were spreading sand along highways in the Dallas area, and Texas Christian University students got a day off after classes were canceled because of icy road conditions.
The snowfall was expected to end in most of the area Thursday night and this morning, but the ice was expected to linger.

The 12.5 inches that had fallen by 4 a.m. Friday also broke the 24-hour record of 12.1 inches Jan. 15-16, 1964.
The ingredients for a snowy season are simple: multiple upper-level storm systems supported by temperatures low enough to turn moisture to snow.

Some of the snow is sticking, and the Dallas Morning News reports that one to five inches of snow is possible for the Dallas area today.

About 240 flights were canceled Friday by American Airlines, mainly at its hub at Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport, said airline spokesman Steve Schlachter.

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