Rapid Lash Side Effects?

I was wondering if anyone has used Rapid Lash. It's in a tube like mascasa and it's supposed to make your eyelashes grow. I was wondering if it worked for you and if it is safe to use? Any side effects?

I'm thinking of giving one of these products a try. Kathie Lee, on Today swore by Rapid Lash and she is not a paid spokesperson. Latisse is FDA approved but has a weird side effect...it may permantly turn your iris's brown. I like my green eyes so I'm kind of chicken to try Latisse.

What are the side effects of Rapid Lash?

asked by Jane in Fashion & Accessories | 12344 views | 12-28-2009 at 06:40 PM

I used RapidLash. Though I already had long thick lashes, noticed over the past years they've thinned and were not as naturally dark.

Rapid Lash contains a drug called prostaglandin, which is used to treat patients with Glaucoma. Prostaglandin, when applied to the eyelash, can have side effects ranging from irritation to the changing of eye color. Although no major cases of negative reactions to this drug have appeared, one should be weary when contemplating purchase.

The cost of beauty can be high at times, but Iíd rather not have my eye color change for rapidly growing eyelashes. Sometimes I think they should just do more trial runs and make sure there products work on everybody. These unknown chemicals can be quite dangerous, especially if you havenít tested for a short period of time.

Those are basically the side effects of Rapid Lash.

answered by Melissa | 12-28-2009 at 06:45 PM

There are no worries!
I Laticia Marie ordered rapid lash for the trial period and loved it so much that I ordered another bottle. I have never had thick eyebrows and my eyebrows are getting so, thick now that my friends are telling me I don't have to draw them on. I have always had long lashes but, I worked on a TV show and they put fake lashes on me. But, when they took them off they didn't put solution on and tried to pull the fake lashes off. I said ouch you are taking my lashes off. In result after that my lashes were missing. I had a lash then a space then a lash. My lashes had so many missing hairs. I had to order Rapid lash. After using it for the trial period I said WOW. My lashes were back to normal. My lashes came back. Now I want them longer so, I ordered another bottle. This is the best product ever. If you don't have it you should get it.

Side effects: I did notice a dark line by my lashes but, it looks like eye liner and I actually like that because now I don't have to put liner on my top lash. I have light brown eyes and nothing happened to my eye color. They are still the same. You may feel a little tingle when you first use it but, it goes away. Over all the best product ever.

Laticia Marie

answered by Guest | 04-28-2010 at 04:23 PM

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