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Soa Lee is a 3D illustrator who lives in South Korea. She makes amazing 3d characters.
Some years ago, Soa Lee’s father came home and gave her some art books by Luis Royo as a present from his trip to the USA. She says: “These books were not only breathtakingly inspiring but also provided a vision on the career path that I should consider taking in the future. Whenever we had a conversation about my future, my father always emphasized on pursuing challenges that my heart is really after instead of following what is the popular thing in the present time.” Soa explains that it was very rare for a female to pursue a career as a 3D illustrator, however she remained confident that she could create awesome stills using the 3D software packages. Even though her major in university was Western fine art, she has focused on CG.
Soa has always been attracted to the human characters as her favorite theme.
Here are some of her best images:


Created using: 3DSMax, Realflow, Photoshop.


Created using: 3DSMax, Photoshop.


Created using: 3DSMax, Photoshop.

Pink Curtain

Created using: 3DSMax, Photoshop.


Created using: 3DSMax, Photoshop.

Grace of the Snow

Created using: 3DSMax.

20th Hollywood Lighting

Created using: 3DSMax, Photoshop.

All images Copyright Soa Lee. Visit Soa's website.

asked by monster_ in Articles | 22387 views | 01-28-2008 at 04:22 AM

Wow. The detail is ridiculous. Grace of the Snow looks so realistic.

answered by thecoolestcow | 02-02-2008 at 04:00 PM

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