Revitalash Side Effects?

I'm using Revitalash.
Is there any damage to eyeballs using Revitalash ? What are the side effects of Revitalash?
I have been using it every night for the last 3 weeks on my lids with a very thin strip of an application. I have noticed lately, and especially today, that my eyes hurt when I look around. I would say it's almost like the fatigue that muscles get when they are worked out then start to recover for the next few days.

Is this a normal side effect of Revitalash or should I check with my eye doctor?

asked by Tora in Fashion & Accessories | 13130 views | 11-30-2009 at 08:32 PM

I love my Revitalash and got incredible results but yes, it definitely made my normally dry eyes even drier. There are some side effects.

On the official Revitalash website, consumers are warned that there have been reports of mild irritation on the skin at the base of the lashes, as well as discoloration on this area. The solution given is to either lessen the use of the product or to discontinue it and consult a physician. Some users claim that their formerly blue, green or hazel eyes have darkened to brown with the use of Revitalash, or that their lashes turned brittle and sparse once they stopped using the lash conditioner. If you are still curious about the product, at least apply it sparingly, and not if you are pregnant or breast-feeding, as it has not been tested for use within these conditions.

answered by Sarah | 11-30-2009 at 08:33 PM

Great Product!
I love everything about RevitaLash. I use it, RevitaBrow, and their mascara and I am EXTREMELY impressed. I have never been so satisfied with a beauty product. I would recommend this product to anyone and everyone!

answered by McKell | 06-24-2010 at 06:36 PM

I love how revitalash works for me. I look so different now, better and sexier. lol!

answered by barb | 07-29-2010 at 10:33 AM

I was use to being teased as a child for having no lashes, I mean it's barely there. I was so desperate to find a solution. My mom gave me Revitalash when I was 16, now, my eyes looks stunning, I can't believe it. They have grown so much and they are thicker too. I've been using it for years and I don't want to stop using it. I'm into modeling now and having such lovely lashes helps.

answered by van | 08-26-2010 at 08:38 AM

Wondering what women use to have long, darker and fuller lashes? For me? That is Revitalash. I love it!

answered by jelli | 09-07-2010 at 02:16 PM

Revitalash is the only one for me. I won't use anything else.

answered by jean | 09-13-2010 at 04:21 PM

I encourage all the women who are busy but needs to have long lashes, use Revitalash, it doesn't consume your time and it works.

answered by ajane | 09-24-2010 at 01:25 AM

I have been using Revitalash for a 3 weeks now and I love the results.

answered by sharie | 09-28-2010 at 11:16 AM

All you girls are right! Maximumlash is really great!

answered by sheena | 10-18-2010 at 11:44 AM

Maximumlash works, that i can promise you. I am a user myself and I am satisfied with the results.

answered by julie | 10-29-2010 at 02:13 PM

I needed long lashes for my job as a model so I tried Maximumlash and in a month, I was pretty happy with the results.

answered by janice | 10-30-2010 at 03:01 AM

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