Baby Fae Case?

Many years ago, there was a doctor called Dr. Leonard Bailey who transplanted a baboon heart into a human infant Baby Fae. The interspecies heart transplant generated headlines and ethical debates. The case was famous and many complained about it because they were against it.
I am working on a project for school, what else is there to know about the Baby Fae case?

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Baby Fae whose real name is Stephanie Fae Traphagan was an American baby who received a heart transplant from a Baboon sacrificed just to extract the heart.

Surgeon Leonard L. Bailey wanted to change history. So he attempted the first animal to human heart transplant and that’s also on a one day born baby!

A Baboon was sacrificed on that day just to use its heart and this eventually lead to a whole controversy. The surgery was successful but Baby Fae died 21 days later which made many people angry about the useless attempt and killing of a poor Baboon.

Today is exactly 25 years since that event and the debate and controversy is being made alive again about the use of animals and injustice just to save human lives.

answered by Wilson | 10-26-2009 at 01:24 PM

The case of Baby Fae raises important issues in the area of human experimentation.
Regarding other options, the doctors at Loma Linda never sought a human heart and the chances for a successful xenograft were very slim.

answered by Patrick | 10-26-2009 at 01:26 PM

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