Are 12/21/12 Predictions Fake?

I was worried about the end of the world this 12/21/12 but now I think that the predictions are fake so I'm not so worried. All the people was talking about that and I didn't know what to believe. Then I heard a lot of things about the 12/21/12 but it's today and nothing happened yet and that's why I think that the predictions were fake. Maybe is something going on in another part of the world so I don't want to say anything, but in the news they didn't say that something unusual happened so I don't know what to think. Did you believe in the 12/21/12? Did you think that the predictions are fake?

asked by Amelia in Internet | 1943 views | 12-21-2012 at 01:45 PM

Like you said, it's 12/21/12 and nothing happened so just like you I think that the predictions are fake. Everywhere people talked about a planet crushing with ours, the end of the world, a solar storm or planetary alignments and nothing happened. Other persons think that today is the end of a cycle, the start of a new world or the moment of a spiritual change. I was waiting for something, but now that it's 12/21/12 I think that we all realized that the predictions were fake.
I'm tired of waiting something that for me is not going to happen, so today more than ever I'm sure that the predictions of this 12/21/12 are fake.

answered by Guest | 12-21-2012 at 01:46 PM

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