Is Boardwalk Empire Based on a Book?

Has anyone watched Boardwalk Empire, the HBO show that's getting a lot of good critics? I think I've heard something about this series being based on a book and I wanted to confirm this to buy the book if it's based on it. You can see Boardwalk Empire on HBO right now, it has become quite popular lately and I find it very interesting, I love the way it depicts America from years ago. I became a fan I must say as I watch it very often and I would like to read more info about it. Is Boardwalk Empire based on a book or maybe a novel or is it just an idea from the creators?

asked by Charlie in Television | 3835 views | 01-01-2012 at 08:55 PM

Yes, Boardwalk Empire is based on a book. Maybe you don't know Nelson Johnson but the show is based on a book written by him, which inspired the series. If you like the HBO show Boardwalk Empire you will surely like the book it's based on, so I recommend you to read it as it's inspired the series as we know it. By the way, Boardwalk Empire is the name of the book. I received it as a gift a few years ago and had a blast reading it. I'm enjoying the show a lot.

answered by Chester | 01-01-2012 at 08:58 PM

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