Easy Vegan Thanksgiving Recipes?

What are some easy vegan Thanksgiving 2011 recipes I can prepare? In fact, what are the best vegan dishes I can prepare for that day?
I'm always trying to make healthy raw food and for Thanksgiving lots of people is going to come to my house and most of them are vegans. What recipes should I follow to prepare the main dish and what about the side dishes? Are there any easy recipes for that?
Please recommend gluten free food too. It's important that it's easy to make.
I don't even know what dessert I'm going to make for Thanksgiving 2011, my mind is very chaotic right now.
I thought about making tofu, since I watched a youtube video of Ellen Degeneres recommending it and talking about the recipe but I'm not sure about that. For now, I know I'm going to make lots of salads. Is it possible to make vegan stuffing?

asked by Sienna in Foods | 3382 views | 11-22-2011 at 09:15 PM

American Thanksgiving dinner, with its traditional turkey as the main course, is not always that easy and can be difficult for vegetarians.
And in your case, planning a vegetarian or vegan Thanksgiving dinner is even less easy but it sure is the healthier way to go.
Stuffing is probably my favorite vegetarian Thanksgiving dinner dish. I love the way all the fresh herbs smell while cooking.
I'm also a vegan and I recommend this site for vegetarian recipes: vegkitchen.com. They have tons of easy recipes for Thanksgiving and each year they update that list with new vegan recipes. Highly recommended.

answered by Erin | 11-22-2011 at 09:16 PM

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