Mariah Yeater Baby Photos?

Mariah Yeater is a girl who is claiming she had a baby (she even showed photos of him) and that the father of her son is Justin Bieber.
Apparently Mariah Yeater was a fan of Justin and one day she went to one of his concerts to see him sing.
After the event ended, she met him backstage to talk to him and she says that they starting kissing.
One thing led to another and Mariah Yeater ended up pregnant with Justin's baby.
I read his twitter and he says that the girl is lying and also, that is not his baby.
Is Mariah Yeater really lying or is her baby Bieber's son? Have you seen the photos of the child?

asked by Angela in Music | 3656 views | 11-03-2011 at 03:16 AM

I saw the photos of the kid and he looks adorable. Mariah Yeater is actually asking for a paternity test, which is basically a DNA test to prove that the baby's daddy is Justin Bieber.
I don't think she is telling the truth, why bring all this to light now instead of making it public when she got pregnant?
I mean, if Mariah Yeater's parents asked her, 'who's that baby's father?' and she said JB, I think her dad and mom would have made this public a while ago.
It's strange that Mariah Yeater is asking for a test if she's lying because that would prove her wrong, who knows, maybe she's crazy.

Here's one of the photos of Mariah with the little kid.

Mariah Yeater Baby Photos

answered by Katie | 11-03-2011 at 03:17 AM

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