Giuliana Rancic Health: Breast Cancer Disease?

I was truly saddened to hear that Giuliana Rancic's health is not so good right now, she has breast cancer disease. She announced it this morning on the Today Show.
Giuliana Rancic discovered that she had breast cancer when she did some tests, she and husband Bill are attempting to expand their family.
What did Giuliana Rancic said about this? I missed the show and I feel so bad for her, now she won't be able to have a baby.
Is Giuliana Rancic going to start her breast cancer treatment soon?

asked by Jasmine in Diseases & Conditions | 3735 views | 10-17-2011 at 08:38 PM

Giuliana Rancic was trying to have a baby with her husband and her doctor recommended a mammogram just in case.
The doctor said that if Giuliana Rancic had breast cancer, then the hormones would accelerate the disease.
Normally, you don't get a mammogram until you're 40, Giuliana Rancic is currently 36 and she didn't suspect any health problems.
She was shocked and cried. There is no history of breast cancer in her family. The worst part is that she won't be able to have a baby with Bill now, that's so sad, she was really looking forward to it. Bill Rancic must have been devastated when he heard the news.

answered by Maya | 10-17-2011 at 08:39 PM

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