Does anyone support the hellhound legend?

Hi, my name is Amber and I am 17 years old. I have witnessed the hellhound himself in my own backyard. But I lied to my folks about it because they dont support the legend. Instead, they try to reassure me that 'it isnt real'. But in research I saw that it was seen in England in 1577. And recently in 2005, 4 college kids were killed in a believed 'car accident'. Sulfur was found near the car, but what I believe is that they saw the hellhound 3 times.
Yesterday, September 22, 2009. It was around 9:00 p.m; While I was talking on the phone with my friend, I went to the back door (which had glass for viewing the outdoors) and there I saw him. The hellhound. He was huge, about the size of my dog Isabella, who is a lab/weimaraner mix. His ears were cropped like that of a chihuahuas, and his fur long and shaggy. I could just barely hear his growl. His red eyes is what scared me. They glowed within the dark, and he gave me this terrifying stare. I screamed, and then. Poof, he vanished out of nowhere.
Then my mum called me to her room. I lied to her saying it was Isabella I saw (whom was still outside) But its weird. Normally Isabella would bark if she sensed something wrong outside. But she didnt. I guess its because the Hellhound is a phantom dog.
If anyone has seen this hellhound before, or if anyone supports this living legend, please reply. And if so, share your encounters with me. Who knows, maybe one of these days we can meet up and search for this hound. And prove to everyone who doubt, that it exists. I appriciate your assistance.

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In My Dream
I dreamt of it 2 nights before and woke up yelling and screaming. Scared my girlfriend half-death. The scary part is I did not know what Hellhound was until I looked up online in my office the next day. I wiki "black dog" and saw the drawing that gives me chills behind my back.

In the dream, 2 friends and I entered a pitch black room like in the basement. There is strobe light going on at the far end beneath a door in the dark. Being cautioned, one friend asked, "Who's there?" Then we heard a male voice saying, "It's alright. I'm just taking a nap." My friends bought it and walked into the dark.

The voice is so cold and unnatural that soon I sensed danger. All of a sudden, a shadowy figure sped towards me with glowing red eyes. It passed by me so fast and jumped to the window behind me. Rather than breaking the glass, it vanished in silence. That's the moment I recognized it's a big black dog from its back. As instinct, I yelled to my friends, "IT'S NOT HUMAN! IT'S NOT HUMAN!" Later my girlfriend's screaming woke me up- it was 5 o'clock on Monday morning.


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I haven't seen the hellhound, but i still think the legend is true.Now not even my mom can get me to go to the graveyard because am scared to see it. I am surprise that you haven't seen it again your very lucky.

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read it
i know alot about this kind of stuff, and you may think that i am crazy, but from now on keep some salt enough to put lines of it through ALL entries into a room. and if you have seen it, be careful because now you are most likely a target.

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for real though!
ok so my sister saw this hellhound the other night on new years eve. it scared her and i to death when she told me about it. i decided to research it myself and see what exactly she saw which led me to your question. turns out the descriptions are right on target.
She was driving down the road in town late at night. she said she saw this dog run out in front of her going full speed with her car. she thought it was really weird that the dog was keeping up with her 45mph. she said it was barking and going nuts next to her car the whole way. she turned the corner and looked to see if it was still there and she said in a burst of light she saw it vanish in front of her eyes.
i dont know if i need to worry about her or not. we both believe very strongly in the supernatural and we have always had ghostly experiences so i firmly believe that she knew what she saw. after "thinking" you have seen stuff your whole life it becomes easier to realize what you really saw and what you just thought you saw. she knows she saw this and i firmly believe her.

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I've been seeing a big black dog around my neighborhood every night like at ten. every time i see it it just gets more and more scary . am i going to die?

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Ive come face to face with a hellhound as well if that's what it was. I was in my nanna's back yard with my three dogs sitting under a big oak tree around 8:30 facing a ditch. From the left side of me I heard heavy foot steps running at me and i heard a loud snarl that sounded similar to a dog. I pictured a rottweiler but when i turned to look nothing was there. Then all three of my dogs went nuts standing far away from me barking and growling... I told my mom about it and she didn't know how to explain it.

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hi.. i had 3 dreams about this "dogs"... in the first dream i was at my grandma's street front her house, it was night and when i looked left there was 2 dogs very similar to a rottweiler (not shaggy, more tall, red eyes and small hears but up) i began to run to the house, they chased me on to the garage, i managed to open the door and closed it quickly almost they enter their heads to snatch me, then they disappeared. <I was little and I didn't knew anything about hellhounds, I had a phobia with any kind of black big dog>

5-6 years passed and had my second dream that was a replica of the first, and scared me a lot more because it was exactly the same. I learned that i was having nightmares of hellhounds, and who wants to have dreams of undead and evil things?

The third one was more symbolic and literal in a way that believers called it "spiritual fight" (batalla espiritual in Spanish), was about to 3 or maybe 2 years ago. I was sitting in my living room playing chess with a man, he had 2 bodyguards (they had the raper's bodyguard type) and he kept on talking about how he would win me, that he would own my life, my family, my home. I was telling him that he would never get those things, that in my home God always is.. he started laughing like in disappointment, he went to the door to go, and said that he would try next time, his breath was like hot steam on my face (i don't recall if i smelled sulfur or something burnt), that's when i realized who he was. I closed the door, he wasn't there anymore but the bodyguards stared at me and transformed in hellhounds (similar to the ones i dreamed) and with scorching eyes they ran away.

I do believe in their existence because there is heaven and there is hell, like there exist angels there exist demons, but like in paradise exist animals in hell might exist too.


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i had a dream that the hellhound was my DOG! then i looked in water and i was the DEATH RAPTOR AKA the owl man

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ohh no
i never saw hell hound begor but my girlfriend did she said she was walking through the grave and saw hell hound she said hell hound wad following her all the way through she that it was her 3 time seeing hellhound

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am i
I have seen this Hellhound before.

I live by two Graveyards and I see this creater almost every day.
I'm not lying.
I saw him 4 times am i supposed to be dead? ><

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hellhound legend
Dude! The legend is totally true. I was in a England cemetery and I was visiting a grave of a beloved aunt when I saw a rottweiler looking dog with glowing yellow eyes. It was around 11:30 p.m. so i screamed and ran off. Barely made it! So now, i am doing a report on the hellhound legend for English class

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One time when I was three I had a dream. I was on the driveway of my house, I turn around and there are two dogs (both black short fur. Long tail, long snout. They looked like large black hunting dogs). I started to run, the started chasing me. I tripped and they got on top of me and started biting me. That's why I woke up. I just reasonably realized they were hellhounds. I also think that in that dream the hounds where sent to implant a bad omen on me. So far I've had bad luck for 10 years after that dream.

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wow that is scary i have books about this stuff but there are not published books about this, I'm working on a hell hound one i will put your story in it OK?

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i think i might die or something!!!!! i had a WEIRD dream last night that i was under attack by a mutant hellhound!! I think they might be true so yes, but am i gonna die?!

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Hellhound in Mexico
I am 15 going on 16 and it has been a few nights where I have had a dream of being followed by a huge, black dog. Just last year in 2009 I had a dream where I was standing outside of one of my classes waiting for my teacher to open the doors of the classroom and the dog sat next to me with its eyes starring into mine and I woke up immediately. Now a couple of years back I remember being in Mexico by my great-grandma's house taking a walk with cousin and his friends when all of a sudden I turn a corner and I see this 'Hellhound' and I run and it follows me but it is much faster than I am so it keeps up with me. Then I remember tripping on a bump in the road and it just sniffs my leg and disappears. Of course this happened when I was 8 and I have tried telling my parents about this and all they say to me is 'You must not have a good conscience' and 'be a good boy and nothing will happen' but I am probably the most nicest person in my WHOLE family. I have no idea who to turn to.

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My parents are separated and I move between houses. At my dad's I have two cats and a dog. Earlier this week I was standing by the back door looking out the window trying to get the dog to come back in the house from a bathroom break,he was standing by the door where he waits to come in but he was facing away from the door and I noticed he was growling at something. I followed his gaze across the yard to where the moonlight shone down on a HUGE black dog, with glowing yellow/orange eyes and bright white fangs revealed by it growling back at my dog. I didn't take my eyes off the animal as I reached up and flipped the lights on. Light flooded the yard and it was gone. I turned the switch off to see if it was a shadow/reflection but it was still gone. I let the dog inside, and made sure the doors were closed tightly. My dog was shaking all night. The following night was Wednesday and I was at my dad's again, I went out to empty the litter box and throw the bag away on the side of the house. My dog wouldn't come out with me. I was sitting on the patio pouring the used litter into a trash bag when I heard a growling noise behind me like that of a large breed dog. I turned dropping box, but no animal was there. The neighbors on that side don't keep dogs in their house because allergy problems. Later I was in my room with the door closed to my left on the same wall I was facing, my kitten sleeping in my lap as I sat below the window going through boxes of stuff in my closet. The kitty woke and jumped and crouched next to me facing behind me at my bed and started hissing as the growling I heard earlier started up louder, closer, in my room. I turned and looked but nothing was there, or outside my door or window. My dog that night refused to enter my room but paced the hallway whining, he usually sleeps in my bed.

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Some of these stories sound made-up. In fact, the vast majority do.
Yeah, I saw a hell hound. I didn't know what it was at the time. There was no horror story or nightmare attached to it. I just saw it.
I didn't know what it was at the time. I guess everybody here claims to not know.
I was at a boy scout retreat when I was 12, and my then-friend Caleb and I had gone out late because it was boring back at the camp. It was around 11 at night I think, and we were hurrying back because we had missed, or were just about to miss, our curfew.
As we were walking back, the streetlights (I think there were streetlights... it was either that or just our flashlight) illuminating our path, a huge black thing popped its head out from one of the tents. The thing was enormous. It was the size of the tent, possibly even bigger if that's possible. It looked like an image... pixelated, if I remember correctly. It was either that or it looked like a ghost. All I know is that it didn't look solid. I can't remember the color of its eyes... I seem to look back on them as yellow, but they might have been orange or red. We stared it down for a while, not daring to make a move, when it vanished into thin air... though I think it might have just dashed off so fast that we couldn't see it... it's been so long ago.
"Did you see that?" Caleb asked.
"...Yeah." I replied.
That night was terrifying. Whatever that thing was, it was huge... and probably dangerous. All through the night, we stayed up in our tent, talking about this and that... I hadn't known Caleb terribly well, so it was a mixed blessing that we got the chance to talk (even though the only thin keeping us awake was fright.)
The following morning, I investigated. I'd always been the curious type, but even more so then. I wanted to find out anything I could... if large animals like that were seen often (if it could have just been some big animal), or if the thing left any footprints, but there was nothing. Caleb insisted that we drop it and that it wasn't a big deal, but I was so determined to find out that it was on my mind the entire time at camp. Not until I got home did I let go of what I'd seen and accept that I wasn't going to find out.
It really was the Harry Potter books that answered my question. I hadn't read them... my grandma had bought them for me, but I always had a way of rebelling against what was popular. Eventually though, when it had really caught on and I'd seen the first movie, I picked up the books and several years afterward, when I decided to pick up the third book and read it on a whim, I read about the grim or the black shuck... a giant black dog. A couple years after that, I did more research and found out that the black dogs were not a thing of lore, and that the sightings were identical to what I'd seen.
I maybe the only person who had a witness with him. Unfortunately, I lost touch with Caleb many years ago, and even now I think he'd think nothing of it.
But the experience has become a part of me. I'm happy that I got to see something that so few people ever see, and that I even had somebody with me to confirm that I wasn't just losing my mind. If I ever become a writer, I want to incorporate the black dog into every one of my novels in some way, shape, or form, even if I wind up writing more realistic fiction (which I gravitate toward) and the only way to include it is to use it symbolically.
I don't think the things are evil though. That dog didn't harm me... neither of us died within a year of seeing it (I don't know how you'd confirm that legend, though... there's no way to prove it's an omen.) and on top of that, it got me interested in the supernatural and developed my curiosity.
The things seem to appear randomly. There's no special connection that I can see between the dogs and their location. I saw the dog at my hometown's lake on that camping trip, and as far as I know, there have been no murders or mysterious deaths there... there's no reason at all why it would show up there. It's just an anomaly, really.

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Hellhound Philadelphia
I'm seventeen and I'm still shaking from last nights event, I was walking home from bowling and it was really dark outside. I was cutting threw a park where I heard something unexplainable, so I took out my headphones to listening to see if I was being followed by somebody, all of a sudden, my body stopped and the only thing I could do was look around. I didn't have no clue what was going on at the time. But then a really big black dog comes walking out of what seems to be a black mist and the first thing noise was red eyes, still I couldn't move, this "dog" proceeds walking toward me with it's dagger like teeth showing, next thing is that I hear a voice in my head speaking normal and I'll never ever forget what it said , "Satan has something in store for you" I blacked out for a minute or so and when I came to senses, I was on my knees and the "dog" was gone , for many years I believed in this hellhound but what I saw took the cake, but that same night, I got a text from and unknown number and the only number that was showing was the first three numbers which was 666. This text said "hello Denzel (my name) your time will never come till I feels though it should" I pissed my pants and as I go call my friend to come over so I can show him , the text was delete , what does that quote mean? I need help and i hope I'm not going crazy. I just need help , so please please text me !

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The REAL legend
My dear, I know for a fact you do not die from seeing a hellhound 3 times its only if you see it 10 times and on how aggressive they act at the time being. I am Ace, I'm 14 and I am 'WW' (figure out what the ww is, it also said to be myth buts its not, its only too real)

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Originally Posted by Guest View Post
I have seen this Hellhound before.

I live by two Graveyards and I see this creater almost every day.
I'm not lying.
I saw him 4 times am i supposed to be dead?
Its only if you see it 10 or 13 times then you die

answered by LuckyAce | 09-26-2010 at 09:16 AM

i know this guy whose friends with the creator of the hellhound he told me the real story and believe me this is 100% true so believe me once my friend had a ouija board which you can talk to the devil they played it when my friends friend dog was pregnant and that dog was laying close to were they played it so the dog after started foaming from the mouth and all of a sudden the dog was dead we couldn't believe it so the next day we buried it in a box but we still didn't put it in the dirt and we made sure it was dead we took it to the vet and he said she was gone we left it in the box and we went to go buy groceries and when we cam back he buried it but he felt the box was not as heavy it was very light he opened it and poof he was dead so the next day the police came and saw he was dead but that day was night so they had cameras to look and then the police was dead then the next day me and 6 friends went and we got the cameras and we got out of there as soon as possible the bodys of my friends friend and the police were never found who nose what the hellhound did with them so we looked at the video and you could totally see the hellhound eating the police if you guys want to see that video but i recomend not because its so feaky youll die if you see it buy yourself

trust me this is real and 100% true believe me

answered by Guest | 09-26-2010 at 11:13 PM

I've never personally had any experience with a Hellhound. But as I've heard the legend the first time you see a hellhound it's good lucj, the second it's bad luck and the third means that death is just around the corner.

The story i've heard was of a bunch of researchers (i forget what they were researching) They where out in the woods somewhere along the east coast of the U.S. and they saw the hellhound. Apparently they shrugged it off and went on with whatever it was that they were researching. The next day they saw the hellhound again and a little more shaken they shrugged it off still. The third day they saw it and within a week after that each of them had died from various causes. One of them happened to fall off a cliff in the area.

answered by dev | 10-21-2010 at 01:37 AM

i've seen a hellhound, it was following me and my friends for several years the thing was massive, almost bear size with glowing eyes, the strangest night was when it appeared in my friend's yard during a rain storm, after the storm we went out to the spot we saw it and there was no tracks. in the town i live many have seen this entity and according to legend hellhounds guard places of dark energy

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hellhound dream
I had a dream around august of this year 2010. I was in the living room and suddenly black flames coming out of mid air in the room forming into a dog. Its eyes glowed red but it look like it didn't have a mouth and it didn't make any sound. It didn't have normal fur but its fur acts like a flame. It had six or maybe four glowing red eyes. That didn't scare of course until i felt a cold and evil sensation from it. Its like it was sucking the life out of me but just standing there. I was really horrified and couldn't run away from it. The only thing i could do was yell and scream. He disappeared for a couple of minutes and then came back which started to horrify me even more and i screamed and yelled "no! No! Not again!!!" until my friend came into my house somehow and asked what was wrong. The time my friend came the hellhound disappeared. And never came back when my friend was telling it was ok. That was my experience of seeing a hellhound in my dreams.
I read some info about this creature and it gave me chills because it explained the image and characteristics of the dog. I am forever horrified of seeing him and pray to God that this creature will never harm me again.
I think the reason the dog attacked me because i had a weak will around that time....

answered by Guest | 11-04-2010 at 11:04 PM

Have you all noticed that almost everyone who has had an encounter with the hell hound that they have seen it twice. or in other words have seen two dogs when they encounter the hellhound(s)

answered by Guest | 11-17-2010 at 12:06 AM

Did you know that the legend of the Hell Hound is see it you get good luck, see it a second time you get bad luck, see it a third time you die.

answered by Guest | 12-08-2010 at 09:48 PM

We're not alone
I know this might sound weird but everything posted on this hellhound is what is happening to me now. I saw it to when i went outside it was i my yard, i came face to face with it. and it stared at me and i stared back, but I'm not dead yet but i got very ill. but doing well though. so no one ain't alone and we dont walk alone. i tried calling it cause i thought it was just a normal dog, but it wasn't. but this world is dying so its traveling again and its back again.

answered by Deja Thomas (Murray) | 12-18-2010 at 03:06 AM

Well, there's a lot of proof that it exists. One of my family members claimed to see the 'Hellhound' and he tried to show it to me. So, we both stayed up that night, and his friend was also there, at 12:12 my family member ran out saying "It's my 2nd time, if I see it."And there is a legend, it tells that if one happened to see the hellhound three times, he or she will die an abrupt and unseen death.

answered by Jelly:) | 12-21-2010 at 12:13 AM

Actually i have to admit it the name of the thingy you guys talking about was wrong, it was actually THE HOUNDS OF HELL. Probably the earliest legend of a hell-hound comes from Ancient Greece. Cerberus was a monstrous three-headed dog that guarded the entrance to Hades. Yet, despite his frightening form, Cerberus only prevented souls from recrossing the River Styx to return to the world above.

answered by kings of disasters | 12-25-2010 at 05:12 PM

I saw a hellhound I think
I saw a hellhound but it wasn't at all like your description. This is a true story... I was out reading in the woods one morning. Just as I usually do, when I felt a cool draft I thought nothing of it till I smelt this awful smell then from behind me I herd a feminine voice speaking in a strange tongue I turned around and there was a dog like figure It was black and smoke like had pointed ears and just stood there with a judgmental look on its face. I was horrified. It had bright blue flame-like eyes. The last thing I remember scares me still. The feminine voice I heard earlier now said something that sounded like rasqua leb bastion which I still don't understand I told my parents and people I trust but they just think I'm lying.

answered by Voxclamantisindeserto | 01-06-2011 at 05:37 AM

I saw it this one was big as a bear! All i could see was his teeth.

I ran, I look back and poof! but it was him. And then I saw him again and saw his red eyes. A few nights later I heard him again and I grabbed my softball bat, I was scared!

answered by Guest | 04-03-2011 at 08:58 PM

the hellhound
I'm 17 and I had never known there were such things. Last night when I was watching TV, this show showed lost tapes and that's wen I heard about it. And I do believe in the legends and I want to go see it and try to like see what it looks like up close because people are saying it looks like a wolf or something like that, but really I believe its something we had never seen before.

answered by just some kid | 04-05-2011 at 05:15 PM

I have also seen this creature. I have seen spirits and bad energy before. My whole life I felt and saw things even understand. First time I saw it was Saturday night @ Arashi beach. Its a reef break with rocks and stuff. I was with some friends chilling, talking s***, and all that. When I noticed something by the rocks I stood up to go check it out.

A lot of times you get strayed dogs. But this animal was different. For some reason I could feel its feelings. So dark and depressing. I could smell it from where I was standing. Smells like bad weed. After a while he turned his head and there I saw his eyes red glow. For a second I got scarred but I didn't care much. I never been hurt by any energy or ghost so I don't think that it could do anything. When he noticed I was looking at him. His ears went straight up and when into a attacking position. After a while he started to run but not to me but the water. He climbed straight down the rocks, it almost seemed impossible for any animal to do that. He stopped right before the water and looked straight up right into my eyes as if he was trying to send me a message. After a while he started to walk back but not like a normal animal would.

He started to climb the rocks backwards as if he did it a million times and he didn't put his head down not for a second. He just kept looking straight into my eyes. When he finally got to the top, he turned away and disappeared in the darkness.

The second time I saw this creature was in my room. I got up to go to the bathroom. There was a smell that kind of bother me. But I didn't worry much. As I opened the door to my room the smell got stronger. I looked @ but didn't see anything. I got back on my bed and was going back to sleep. Then out of no where I heard something push my door. I looked and saw a head. The smell became ever stronger. I didn't notice what it was since my room is very dark and I didn't have any lights on. Then I saw red eyes look up straight to me. I knew right away it was the hellhound again.

I looked straight into his eyes as if I wasn't scared of him. His ears went up again, but this time he was just standing in a normal position. After 10 minutes or so looking straight into him exchanging feelings and in a way talk wit our energies. After a while he sat down. But he was still looking straight into my eyes and out no where I still don't know why but he kind of smiled. I looked and jumped a little. After a few seconds I was thinking why is he here. That's when he put is head down.

As if I was his owner. And for a second I wasn't scared anymore. Then out of no where he got up looked into my eyes gave me a wink turn back and walked away. He also closed the door for me. I don't know how but he did. After a few seconds I heard whispering. I couldn't understand what it was. But it felt good. I didn't tell people much about this. I didn't want them to think of me as a freak show. But if anyone can please reply or add me on msn and help me with this. I really want to know what it means. Sorry if my English is f***** up. It's not my first language.

answered by Guest | 04-07-2011 at 04:43 PM

I was just watching a hellhound lost tape and I thought that it was fake at first and then i saw your paragraph. In the video 4/5 kids saw the hellhound 3 times. Then the "got hit by a car" and four kids died, they were all of the kids who saw the hell hound three times. I now know that this is a true story and the tape is very scary. I have never seen the hellhound but my friends claim that it lurks around our neighborhood late at night.

Once in the summer, me and my friends were sitting in the middle of the street really late at night probably around midnight or 1 am. I kept my eyes on a black dog moving around down the street, I was so scared that I couldn't keep my eyes off of it. I knew about the legend of the hellhound and the only thing that i could say was nobody turn around.

Everybody just look at the ground. and when my friends questioned me about it I screamed, just listen to me and do what I say unless you want to die. And they all looked down. the dog wasn't looking at me yet and I didn't know if it was the hellhound or not but then it turned it's head and I saw it's glowing red eyes. I quickly whispered to my friends, everybody run into my house I don't care what you say just trust me, on my count. 1 2 3 and as soon as I said that everyone took off towards my house and the hellhound started running towards us.

We got inside right in time and I told everyone not to look out the window. Lucky for me I only saw him once but he lurks round my house / neighborhood every night around midnight because many people around here have seen him.

answered by Guest | 04-10-2011 at 07:29 PM

Voilent Encounter *Dream*
Well I was walking with 2 girls in a dream I had, just out side of the fence of the school and well I saw a flash light on the pitchers mount where the kids play baseball and I went to see what was going on, well I remember picking up the light to look around with it, and it was pretty late out just the street lights going.

I remember hearing my friends scream so I turned around and pointed the light over to them and these dogs were attacking them the eyes were I can't explain the feeling of what you get when you look into them, well I had the light just skimming the ground and I noticed one zig zagging to me with its head low to the ground my friends were being attacked fearsomely by the other dogs couldn't see to well and I was mainly focused on the one in front of me, at about 5-6 feet it started sprinting to me n jumped at me it felt like being hit by a truck, on the ground I remember fighting with its head trying to keep it away then I just woke up. what dose any one get of this, this is the 2nd time ive had a dream or something similar to it.

answered by Guest | 06-16-2011 at 08:23 PM

To find it...
My name's Jonathon

I support the Legend, and want to see it for my self. But I hope my first encounter-Won't be my last.

answered by Guest | 07-25-2011 at 12:03 AM

Yes I support the Hellhound legend because I have actually seen a hell hound as well as my brother and we have always remember every single detail and me and my brother forget things very easily but we cant forget that.

answered by Maxine1702 | 11-08-2011 at 02:47 PM

Hellhound Sighting
I have seen a hell hound more than once the first time was in my garden, second at my door and third in a graveyard. The first time i saw him i froze and as you said its the eyes that are the worst and as soon as you call fr help hes gone...poof vanished. But if he doesn't approach you in anyway you are safe but I don't know what happened to me it started to approach me and then suddenly he ran away from me there was no one else in the house or near me so I don't know what happened but that was about a week ago in the graveyard.

answered by Maxine1702 | 11-08-2011 at 04:48 PM

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