Why is May 21st Judgement Day?

Why is everyone saying May 21st is Judgement Day? I just watched a special report on CNN and they say lots of people believe on the end of the world.
It seems someone predicted May 21st is Judgement Day, which means Jesus is going to come back and save us.

But why on May 21st and not some other date, can someone explain it to me?
Is there a specific significance behind that date, is it written on the bible or something?

asked by Lenny in Religion | 4553 views | 05-18-2011 at 04:52 AM

It so happens that the man who claims May 21st is Judgement Day, some guy called Harold Camping, also said the return of Jesus was going to take place on September 6, 1994 but that never happened.
Then he said he had a 'vision' and God told him he's granting more time.

May 21st is not going to be Judgement Day.
End of the world predictions have been going on since like the BC times, don't fall for this stuff.
Personally, I think of it the same way as I think of the whole "2012" freak out.

answered by Destiny | 05-18-2011 at 04:53 AM

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