Elizabeth Edwards Cancer Death?

After a six-year battle with breast cancer, Elizabeth Edwards has died at age 61. Her death took place at the hospital in the company of her family.

Elizabeth Edwards' cancer was the estrogen receptor-positive (ER-positive) type, meaning the cancer grew in high-estrogen environments. Doctors said it's the most common form of breast cancer, and is also the type that leads to the most deaths.

Elizabeth Edwards decided to discontinue treatments for the metastatic breast cancer because she didn't see the point in continuing and keep on suffering when she had no chances at all.

Multiple media outlets report that John Edwards and the coupleís three children were with her at her Chapel Hill home over the past few days.
What did Elizabeth Edwards' husband said after her death? Did he make any statements?

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Elizabeth Edwards is beautiful and courageous beyond measure. My heart goes out to her family.
Her husband hasn't talked to the media yet.

Elizabeth Edwards always continued to be herself, she always exhibited her trademark grace under pressure, no matter how ill she was. That was a unique gift and an inspiration to many others currently facing dire medical diagnoses.

Elizabeth helped change the way political wives were viewed. She was the self-proclaimed "anti-Barbie" who was comfortable sitting in on campaign strategy meetings, chatting with Oprah on TV, or even going head-to-head with conservative columnist Ann Coulter.

Elizabeth has chronicled her public battle with breast cancer disease, and with the infidelity of her husband Ė in books and numerous interviews.

There aren't many of us that can say that their lives havenít been affected by cancer. Everyone has a loved one, a friend, a family member who has fought or is currently fighting with the disease. Whomever the diagnosis is given to, and however it comes, itís a terrible thing to hear.

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